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Thinking in control & monitoring

The basic version of XIOS UC consists of the Main board (MC), extendable by up to 5 extension modules (MA) and an Expander Board MD1 or MD2.

I/O capacity of the Main Board:

Analogue/digital input Digital output Hall pick-up Sensor supply
11x 2x, max. 4A 2x 2x (5 or 12 VDC configurable)

The XIOS Expander boards MD1 or MD2 offer options for connecting further Extension Boards (MA).

I/O capacity of the Expander Board MD1:

Analogue/digital input Digital input Digital output Inductive pick-up Sensor supply Additional slots
8x 2x 2x, max. 4A 2x 1x (5 or 12 VDC configurable) 6x board MA

Board MD2 is required for the XIOSGenSet and XIOSCHP applications.

I/O capacity of the Expander Board MD2: all possibilities of MD1 and in addition

Digital Input Analogue input AVR output Relay output Addtional slots
4x, isolated 6x AC voltage (3x bus und 3x generator)
4x AC phase current, max. 5 A
1x 1x 3x board MA

  Each of the Extension Modules provides 2 (if isolated), 4 or 8 (if input-only) I/O channels, resulting in a great variety of
  configuration options:

Module type Function
 A2 4x analogue or digital output, monitored, 0...5 VDC (11 mA), 0...24 mA
digital output, max. 1 A PWM controlled (0...100 %)
 A3 4x analogue or digital input, 0...5/10/36 VDC, 0...24 mA
temperature input Pt 1000, Pt 200, Pt 100, Ni 1000, NTC
2x sensor supply (5/12 VDC configurable, 50 mA or VBAT)
 A4 2x analogue or digital input, electrically isolated, 0...5/10/36 VDC, 0...24 mA
temperature input Pt 1000, Pt 200, Pt 100, Ni 1000, NTC
2x sensor supply (5 VDC, 50 mA)
 A5 2x analogue or digital output, electrically isolated, 0...5 VDC (2.5 mA), 0...24 mA
digital output: 60 VDC/40 VAC, 400 mA static, optional: 400 VDC/280 VAC, 100 mA
 A6 2x analogue or digital output, electrically isolated, monitored, 0...5 VDC (10 mA), 0...24 mA
 A7 8x digital input, 9...36 VDC
 A8 up to 4x digital output, high or low-side, current read back for control-loop applications, thermal shutdown
 A1 2x thermocouple amplifier, electrically isolated, (J/K/E/R/S/B/N), configurable gain and offset
 A9 1x H bridge output, up to 8 A static current, current read back for control-loop applications
  • Generator Management Products

Generator Management Products

REGULATEURS EUROPA has the facilities to design, engineer and manufacture control systems to meet the customer specific requirements for diesel driven generator sets. The control systems are designed using the latest PLC and HMI technology and, where appropriate, incorporate the field bus networks and serial communications in an attempt to reduce the amount of installation cabling.

REGULATEURS EUROPA systems are designed using the latest PLC technology incorporating fieldbus and serial communications networks and where appropriate, incorporating the latest RE or HEINZMANN products.

The functionality of single engine governors through to complete control systems is tailored to meet the customer’s and end user’s requirements including:

  • Local engine control panels
  • Remote engine control panels
  • Control desks
  • Remote start/stop
  • Engine speed governing
  • Alternator excitation
  • Manual/auto synchronising
  • Generator electrical protection
  • Alarm indication
  • Electrical data acquisition
  • Breaker status indication
  • Digital/analogue instrumentation
  • Mimic display
  • Genset Control
  • Viking35
  • XIOSGenSet
  • ICENI Distributed I/O System

Genset Control

Generator management systems from HEINZMANN and REGULATEURS EUROPA are based on well proven digital governors. In addition to the tried-and-tested Viking35 systems, the new XIOSGenSet governor is an all-rounder suitable for all generator systems, as it combines all the relevant advantages of combustion engine governors and generator governors. The system can be fitted in control cabinets in accordance with industrial standards, and can include PLC controllers, HMI user interfaces, integrated speed control and numerous other functions. Communication can take place via numerous interfaces using different protocols.

In addition to engine and generator monitoring and protection, the system provides speed control, multiple communication interfaces and protocols for remote control and monitoring, as well as multiple generator control functions:

  • Active and reactive load control
  • Start/Stop sequence control
  • Synchronising
  • Fuel selection
  • Power metering
  • Voltage control


An ECU with a high number of I/Os, suitable for a wide range of complex control and monitoring tasks in ships, locomotives and generators. The Viking35 has established itself as the ideal solution on the market for applications involving complex load sharing in particular. The user-friendly Viking Vision software or a corresponding hand-held device can be used to edit or display control and status parameters in real time. It is combined with hydraulic actuators from REGULATEURS EUROPA.

Technical data

  • Power supply: 24 VDC
  • Degree of protection: IP00

Engine Types & Applications

Diesel EnginesDiesel Engines

Dual-Fuel EnginesDual-Fuel Engines






A multi-functional, digital and cost-efficient system solution offering a wide range of solutions for controlling generators as well as protection and monitoring functions. Only a single central governor is required to control the entire genset system. The device’s multi-functional design means it can be used in the best way for each specific customer and the engine and generator control can be configured flexibly. XIOSGenSet can be used for island and parallel operation as well as for individual or group applications. The system is supplemented by a clear, user-friendly and easy-to-operate HMI.

Technical data

  • Processor: 32 Bit 264 MHz
  • Communication interfaces: Ethernet, CAN, RS-232, RS-485
  • Display: 4.3" (optional)
  • Degree of protection: IP20
  • Power supply: 9...32 VDC
  • Functional range: Customer-specific engine & generator monitoring system, scalable and flexible configuration, PC-based adaptation & HMI monitoring, genset monitoring and protection functions, interface with existing analogue load sharing, synchronisation, kW power control, kW load sharing, kVAr load sharing, voltage adjustment, cos Phi control, automatic sequence control, available as an option with speed governor, CAN, Modbus or SAEJ1939 communication protocol, with real-time alarm & logging function

Engine Types & Applications


ICENI Distributed I/O System

  • Open protocols to PLCs, PCs etc.
  • Extended temperature range (-20 ... +70 °C)
  • Inbuilt user interface for commissioning and support
  • Robust construction
  • Independent electrical isolation
  • Redundant power supply capability
  • “Plug and Play” automatic configuration
  • Cost-effective solution for a wide range of applications


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