REGULATEURS EUROPA Upgrades Control Systems on US Navy Vessels

US Navy Patrol Boat "Cyclone"
US Navy Patrol Boat "Cyclone"

Thirteen "Cyclone" high-speed patrol boats from the US Navy are currently being upgraded to Viking35 control systems. In the process, the original Viking22 propulsion control panels are replaced while the original wiring and on-engine sensors stay in place.

The vessels, each with 4 main propulsion engines, benefit from a significant extension of operating life thanks to Regulateurs Europa's latest marine control technology, handling

  • Speed control
  • Start/shut down
  • Command lever matching
  • Clutch control
  • Trolling

 Included in the panel is RE’s own ICENI distributed I/O product with a highly user friendly interface.

REGULATEURS EUROPA, a recognised leader in the field of diesel engine and turbine governing for over 50 years and a member of the HEINZMANN Group since 2005, are delighted to have been asked to work with the US Navy for this upgrade.