Engine & Generator Controls

RE Panel pdf Overview Industrial Control Systems

REGULATEURS EUROPA has over 60 years’ experience of providing control solutions ranging from single diesel engine governors through to complete control systems for multi-generator installations.

RE specialises in design, engineering, manufacturing, installation and commissioning services to meet the customer specific requirements including Consultancy and Surveying services to assist in achieving a working solution.

REGULATEURS EUROPA's post projects have included generator and power control solutions for many different applications. Included bonks, hospitals, hotels, telecommunications centres, airports, water treatment works, sewage treatment works, nuclear power stations and process plants. Customers for these systems are not only located in the UK and Europe but around the world; from Brazil to India and Ireland to Australia.


REGULATEURS EUROPA has the facilities to design, engineer and manufacture control systems to meet the customer specific requirements for diesel driven generator sets.

The control systems are designed using the latest PLC and HMI technology and, where appropriate, incorporate the field bus networks and serial communications in an attempt to reduce the amount of installation cabling.

The functionality of single control panels or complete control systems is tailored to meet the customers’ and end users’ needs:

  • Local engine control panels
  • Remote engine control panels
  • Control desks
  • Remote start/stop controls
  • Speed/volts control
  • Alternator excitation control
  • Manual/auto synchronising
  • Generator electrical protection
  • Alarm indication
  • Electrical data acquisition
  • Breaker status indication
  • Digital/analogue instrumentation
  • Mimic display