Power Management

pdfOverview Industrial Control Systems ind power

The Power Management System can be designed to meet the requirements of the customer including:

  • Number of generators
  • Rating of individual engines
  • Engine type (e.g. diesel, dual fuel, etc.)
  • Switchboard arrangement (e.g. bus couplers, utility incomers, etc.)

    The PMS provides automatic control of generators including the following basic functions:

    • Load dependant call-up & shutdown of generators
    • Priority order selection
    • Minimum numbers of sets
    • Neutral earth control
    • Active load sharing
    • Reactive load sharing
    • Peak lopping operation
    • Base load operation
    • Power factor control
    • Island mode operation
    • Frequency control
    • Voltage control
    • Load shedding
    • Load application

    Monitoring of PMS status and password protected setting of PMS parameters is via a human machine interface.