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REGULATEURS EUROPA has many years of technical and applications expertise gained in the maritime industry.
Our experts in prime mover controls and monitoring techniques can offer the right systems and upgrades for
your application and then oversee the installation and commissioning. REGULATEURS EUROPA offers full product
servicing and support from its manufacturing facilities and also via its worldwide agents.

  • Ruston 20RK270
  • Caterpillar 3606 DI-TA
  • MAN 20V28/33D

Condor Ferries

HSC Condor Rapide is one of Condor Ferries' high speed catamarans running regular services in the English Channel. Each of the 4 Ruston 20-cylinder RK270 engines were originally fitted with the now obsolete Viking22 based Propulsion Control Panels each driving an RE 2231 ballhead back up actuator.

Condor Rapid2

REGULATEURS EUROPA designed, installed and commissioned a direct replacement upgrade incorporating their latest Viking35 digital control system offering continued and reliable service for the future.

Condor Rapid

The design of the new panels ensured that they would fit on the same mounting points as the old ones and retain the existing wiring making for a quick installation.

UK Flagge Unit. Kingdom

Upgrade of propulsion control systems 

RE Products

Engine Type
4 X Ruston 20RK270


Kind of application
High speed catamaran
"HSC Condor Rapide"

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Seagoing vessel governor replacement

The seagoing vessel ARM22 Klaas Adriana is driven by a Caterpillar 3606 DI-TA engine. This engine is controlled by the 1100 series hydraulic governor from REGULATEURS EUROPA. The governor replaces the previously installed Woodward 3161 governor, which gave rise to increased maintenance costs and dysfunctions.

ARM 22 Klaas Adriana

The 1115 L is widely used in the marine sector and features an electric stepper motor as an actuator. The HEINZMANN stepper motor drive board differs from our competitor's equipment in that allows analogue or digital speed setting. The governor provides accurate speed control and responds rapidly to load or speed changes. Minimum and maximum speeds as well as the speed ramp rates can be programmed and adjusted easily on the stepper motor drive board.


The adjustable electric start fuel limiter prevents the engine from emitting excessive smoke when starting. A complete kit, which contains all necessary mounting materials and levers, is available to carry out the retrofit in as short as possible "down time" for the vessel.

Flag Netherlands  Netherlands

Retrofit of Woodward 3161 for RE 1115L-4G-25

RE Products
Hydraulic governor 1115L with electronic speed setting and electric start fuel limitation

Engine Type
Caterpillar 3606 DI-TA


ARM22 Klaas Adriana

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System Upgrades for Catamaran Fast Ferries

Three Incat-built catamaran fast ferries operating in Japan, Taiwan and Denmark have been successfully upgraded to use the latest Viking35 and MVC products from REGULATEURS EUROPA and HEINZMANN for control of their four 20V28/33D (RK280) main propulsion engines.

Catamaran fast ferry

Each engine was originally supplied with three Viking25 EFI, MAA and DI modules and two Mecel/Hoerbiger Bank Controller Modules (BCMs) to support full engine control (with electronic fuel injection), alarm, monitoring and safety functionality. Viking25 modules were replaced with ‘same form fit and function’ Viking35 modules, and the Bank Controller Modules were replaced by a single Solenoid Driver Module (SDM) containing an MVC-01/20 unit.

RE Viking35

As the upgrade minimised changes to the physical system and its functionality, the crew could continue to operate and maintain the system with very little additional training. Additionally, most spare parts already held by the operators could continue to be used.

Japan, Taiwan & Denmark 

Upgrade of propulsion engine systems on fast ferries

HEINZMANN Group Products
RE Viking35 EFI, MAA and DI modules, SDM containing HEINZMANN MVC-01/20

Engine Type
MAN 20V28/33D 


Natchan World,
Natchan Rera,
Express 1

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