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REGULATEURS EUROPA has many years of technical and applications expertise gained in the maritime industry.
Our experts in prime mover controls and monitoring techniques can offer the right systems and upgrades for
your application and then oversee the installation and commissioning. REGULATEURS EUROPA offers full product
servicing and support from its manufacturing facilities and also via its worldwide agents.

  • Ruston 20RK270

Condor Ferries

HSC Condor Rapide is one of Condor Ferries' high speed catamarans running regular services in the English Channel. Each of the 4 Ruston 20-cylinder RK270 engines were originally fitted with the now obsolete Viking22 based Propulsion Control Panels each driving an RE 2231 ballhead back up actuator.

Condor Rapid2

REGULATEURS EUROPA designed, installed and commissioned a direct replacement upgrade incorporating their latest Viking35 digital control system offering continued and reliable service for the future.

Condor Rapid

The design of the new panels ensured that they would fit on the same mounting points as the old ones and retain the existing wiring making for a quick installation.

Facts & Figures

Condor Ferries

Application Type
Marine Propulsion

Viking35 Propulsion Control Panel upgrade

Commissioning Date
December 2014

Engine Type
4 X Ruston 20RK270

Power output
7080 kWb

Contact Person for details
Nick Mace   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.