Propulsion Control Systems

The REGULATEURS EUROPA Propulsion Control Panels (PCPs) are a fully integrated governing and propulsion  control unit providing a cost effective solution for Fixed Pitch Propeller (FPP), Controllable Pitch Propeller (CPP), and water jet marine applications.

Within the single bulkhead mounted enclosure is the sophisticated Viking35 digital governor, with flexible propulsion controls and essential hardwired safety circuits. This leaves the scope and the level of monitoring specifically to suit the customer's requirements. Designed to fully meet the requirements of the various marine classification
societies it already applications as diverse as fast military patrol vessels, luxury yachts, fast ferries and commercial shipping.

In addition to speed governing the PCP can also provide the logic for starting, stopping, clutch control and engine protections such as slowdowns and hardwired shutdowns. The fundamental control functions are programmed with customer specific parameters designed to suit and protect the engine. These parameters are accessible via the user friendly operator interface display which allows setting up and tuning while the engine is running. Local manual control is obtainable via front mounted switches and push buttons.

In addition to the engine's controls the propulsion control panel can provide the control for external facilities such as:
• Jacket water heaters     • Exhaust flap changeover     • Priming pumps     • Stabilisers

Software and Hardware

Typical PCP Software and Hardware Capabilities
  • Isochronous speed control/droop
  • Speed setting
  • Analogue 4 - 20 mA
  • Local/remote digital speed control
  • Speed measured by Perception Heads. With automatic change over.
  • Start fuel limit
  • Boost fuel limit
  • Torque limit with independent RPM range
  • Slowdowns/shutdowns are dependent on engine type and application
  • Pre-start priming
  • Interlocked start sequence
  • Multi-attempt start capabilities
  • Dual dynamics
  • Clutch engage interlocks
  • Acceleration limitation
  • Wire break detection
  • Overspeed test facility
  • Engine RPM analogue outputs
  • Engine load analogue outputs

Complete Solutions

Building further on the PCP, REGULATEURS EUROPA can produce a complete range of solutions for marine engine control and monitoring, tailored for the vessel and its application. Based on the depth of knowledge within the company, these can range from standard systems to bespoke solutions to meet the customer’s specific requirements.

Propulsion Systems

The PCP is designed to interface with proprietary water jet and controllable pitch propeller systems. To complete the package REGULATEURS EUROPA can also offer various control stations such as bridge, open bridge/bridge wing and/or machinery control consoles. The engine control stations would normally have instrumentation, start and stop facilities, ships telegraph and monitoring systems or other features built to classification society requirements. If the system is fixed pitch command levers and transfer of control can also be provided.