Traction Case Studies

Whilst REGULATEURS EUROPA is well known for governing and control of freight and passenger trains the flexibility of the Application Engineering facility allows RE to offer solutions for a range traction applications.


  • MAN 12VP185

Viking35 on High-Speed Trains

CountryLinks are the high-speed passenger trains which travel along the west coast of Australia. 3 of the existing power cars originally equipped with the reliable and long serving Viking22 traction control panels have been successfully upgraded to the latest Viking35 from REGULATEURS EUROPA (RE).


The control panel communicates seamlessly with the power car load control system as well as the originally supplied ENGMON engine monitoring system which automatically records and communicates any engine related alarms back to the train operator’s engineers.

CountryLink Panel




Flag Australia  Australia

Upgrade of traction control

RE Products
Viking35 traction control panel 

Engine Type
MAN 12VP185

Rail traction

Kind of application
CountryLink high-speed trains

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