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TRINO System on UECC PCTC Vessels

UECC operate a fleet of 18 pure car and truck carriers (PCTC) that are designed to meet the requirements for providing short sea transportation services for cars and other rolling cargo on the European continent. Five of the existing vessels are equipped with TRINO, an on-line condition monitoring system from REGULATEURS EUROPA.

PTCC Vessel by UECC

The system continuously monitors the vessel’s propulsion gearboxes, alternators and main engine turbochargers for early indications of wear and/or unexpected problems. The TRINO system automatically records and communicates any vibration initiated alarms to the chief engineer as well as broadcasts the data via cloud, to REGULATEURS EUROPA’s servers for trending, analysis and reports conducted by our team of CAT2 certified vibration analysts.

TRINO System

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Installation of TRINO Condition Monitoring System

RE Components
TRINO Dectect - Vibration monitoring system, 
TRINO Alert - Local alarm display and diagnosis,
TRINO Remote -  Monitoring and analysis service


UECC PCTC vessels

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