Case Studies Governors & Actuators

Engine manufacturers, packagers and operators trust in REGULATEURS EUROPA governor technology.
RE governors and actuators are proven in many applications and on any type of engine. Please find
some examples below.


  • Caterpillar 3606 engine
  • Wartsila 6L26A engine

Caterpillar 3606 engine

The main engine of the fishing vessel ARM22 "Klaas Adriana" is controlled by a REGULATEURS EUROPA 1115L-4G-25 governor. The governor has replaced the Woodward 3161 governor due to increasing maintenance costs and mal function.


The ARM22 "Klaas Adriana" is the first vessel with a Caterpillar 3606 DI-TA engine which is controlled by the 1100 series governor. The 1115L governor is a mechanical governor with electrical speed setting by means of a stepper motor. The stepper motor drive board allows analogue or digital speed setting in which we differ from our competition. The governor provides accurate speed control and responds rapidly on load or speed changes. Minimum, maximum speed as well as the speed ramp rates are easy to program or to adjust on the stepper motor drive board.

The electric adjustable start fuel limiter prevents the engine from emitting excessive smoke when started. A complete kit, which contains all necessary mounting materials and levers, is available to carry out the retrofit in as less as possible "down time" for the vessel.

Facts & Figures

Retrofit of Woodward 3161 for RE 1115L-4G-25

Governor type
Hydraulic governor with electronic speed setting and electric start fuel limitation

ARM22 "Klaas Adriana"

Engine type
Caterpillar 3606 DI-TA, 1996 HP

Propulsion engine

Fixed propeller

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Rob van der Wilt   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Wartsila 6L26A

Matthew Hirst, Engineering Superintendent of the Boston Putford Offshore Safety Ltd states:

"The Putford Achiever was fitted with Viking22 Governor systems controlling the Port and Stb'd Main Engines Wartsila 6L26A. We were informed though REGULATEURS EUROPA that these Viking22 where to shortly become obsolete and that the replacement for these units was the Viking35.

Putford Archiver

REGULATORS EUROPA were fully prepared for the installation and the process was carried out in the time frame and without problems. The installation personnel were very professional and competent, they explained what they needed from us and the set up went efficiently and smoothly.

After the initial set up the vessel was able to take a pilot and navigate out of dock and proceed down the river Humber with perfectly good control of the Main Engines. Further fine tuning of the system was carried out by the REGULATEURS EUROPA service engineer at sea and all the settings loaded and saved in the vessels Governors memory. We are delighted that the system has operated correctly since"

Facts & Figures

Boston Putford Offshore Safety Ltd

Application Type
Marine propulsion

Viking35-2G upgrade

Engine Type
Type: Wartsila 6L26A

Commissioning Date
October 2014

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Nick Mace   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.