Test Equipment

REGULATEURS EUROPA provides electrically driven governor test stands for permanent installation. The purpose of the rig is to
assist in adjusting, servicing and testing the performance of hydraulic speed governors and hydraulic actuators. Our test stands
have been designed to simulate diesel engine operating conditions; the governor and test stand forming a closed loop system.
For the setting–up and testing of hydraulic actuators the test stand can also operate in open loop mode. In that instance the
drive speed is set at, and controlled from, the stand itself.

The basis of the test stand is a sophisticated PLC. The PLC controls a frequency converter which in turn drives a 5.5 kW electric
motor. The governor or actuator is direct driven by the electric motor. When in closed loop mode, the test stand simulates a diesel
engine. This means that the "load" on the engine is simulated by the test stand. If the set speed of the governor is altered the
governor output will change momentary to increase or decrease the amount of "fuel" applied. This will cause the drive speed to
change accordingly. Also if the simulated load on the test stand is changed the output position of the governor will change to
maintain the set speed.

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Test Stand s

The AK8 test stand has the following features:
  • All-electric. 5.5 kW drive
  • Includes oil supply to fill the governor under test
  • Governor oil may be circulated and pre-heated
  • Operated from a 15" colour touch screen HMI
  • Includes 4-20 mA speed setting driver
  • Operates in open and closed loop mode
For testing of governors and actuators of all major brands pdfData Sheet AK8

Actuator Charger/Tester

Actuator Tester

Features of actuator tester:
  • The magnets in all RE actuators are accurately calibrated at the factory guaranteeing the actuator performs in the precise manner the design intended.
  • At overhaul of the actuator and/or strip down of the actuator assembly it is essential to re-calibrate the magnet to maintain the accurate operation of the unit.
  • The RE actuator charger/tester is designed specifically to do this task and is available in either 110 VAC or 230 VAC 50/60 Hz power supply format.
  • The functionality of this independent unit is built into the AK8 test stand above.
For calibration of all RE actuators Instruction Manual