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March 2021

Regulateurs Europa Ltd. have installed and commissioned systems to continuously monitor and forewarn of developing faults on gearboxes, turbochargers, and generators. Providing if required, expert analysis and advice from regularly transmitted monitoring and alarm data.

The systems comprise all sensors, the TrinoDETECT unit(s), TrinoALERT (panel PC) and all networking and cabling components. Customers benefit from early advice of problems in their early stages of development so that timely and cost-effective maintenance can be applied before a more expensive failure occurs. Post overhaul or maintenance works confirmation that everything is operating normally and as expected is an additional and significant benefit.


RE Condition Monitoring S2c-SystemREGULATEURS EUROPA S2c-System
(Source: Regulateurs Europa Ltd.)
RE Gear Box MonitoringTrino Gear Box Monitoring
(Source: Regulateurs Europa Ltd.)
Trino Turbo MonitoringTrino Turbo Charger Monitoring
(Source: Regulateurs Europa Ltd.)

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