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Crossness STW

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Crossness STW

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  • PLCs Systems
  • I/O Systems

Power Management System for Thames Water Utilities 

The Crossness STW is the UK’s second largest sewage treatment works and is operated by Thames Water Utilities serving a large part of London and the Thames Basin.

REGULATEURS EUROPA supplied the PLC based power management system for control of the distribution of low and medium voltage power across the whole site. RE is proud to have designed, manufactured and commissioned this operationally critical part of a £220m redevelopment.



Gas Platform

Systems and components

  • Control and Monitoring System
  • 5 Local Control Panels
  • Generator Control Panel

Generator sets for a gas drilling platform in the Caspian Sea

REGULATEURS EUROPA designed and manufactured a control and monitoring system for five MAN Ruston 16RK270G Dual Fuel 6.6kV 2.8MW 50Hz generator sets for a gas drilling platform in the Caspian Sea. The system consisted of five Local Control Panels and a Generator Control Panel.

The Local Control Panels provided the start, stop, alarm and protection for each generator plus the control and monitoring of the gas supply to facilitate to changeover between LFO and DF. The speed governing for both LFO and DF was performed by a REGULATUERS EUROPA Viking governor.

The Generator Control Panel controlled the call up and shutdown of generators based on the load demand plus the active and reactive load sharing of generators connected in parallel.


Offshore panel