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REGULATEURS EUROPA series hydraulic governors may be equipped with a speed setting device which can be adjusted from a
4-20 mA signal. In this instance the speed setting mechanism in the governor is adjusted by means of a stepper motor, which
is controlled by driver M602901F.

The unit complies with the requirements of IEC61000-4-2, -3, -4 and 5 if mounted in a steel plate enclosure. A potential free
change over contact is available for alarm indication. Please refer to the data sheet, which summarises the differences between
builds and provides the specification and connection diagram of the latest build M602901F.

  • M602901F

Stepper Motor Driver M602901F

For Hydraulic governors and actuators with 4-20 mA speed setting. Hydraulic governors and actuators with 4-20 mA speed setting.

Main features:

  • Analogue speed setting mode
  • Ramp rate adjustable for increase or decrease speed
  • Raise speed in digital speed setting mode
  • Lower speed in digital speed setting mode
  • Fast/Slow ramp rate selectable if in digital speed setting mode
  • Minimum speed stop
  • Maximum speed stop
  • Selectable reduced maximum analogue speed setting level
  • Select idle speed setting level
  • Select run-up to rated speed (constant speed)
  • Type approval 


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