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Thinking in control & monitoring

REGULATEURS EUROPA monitoring and surveillance systems can be as simple or complex as the application demands. From simple LED and LCD displays to comprehensive touch screen-based systems and ship wide monitoring. It is normal RE practice to keep monitoring and safety as separate functions to avoid common mode failures that could endanger the machinery. Whilst most applications require digital and/or screen-based monitoring displays REGULATEURS EUROPA can offer a range of solutions including direct reading local engine panels.
  • Marine Monitoring Systems
  • Engine Monitoring
  • Engine Parameters
  • Gearbox Monitoring
  • Oil Splash

Marine Monitoring Systems

It is normal REGULATEURS EUROPA practice to keep monitoring and safety as separate functions to avoid common mode failures that could endanger the machinery.

Marine Engine Monitoring

Engine & gearbox monitoring and alarm systems can operate between bridge, engine control room and engine room and are designed to meet marine classification.

Engine Monitoring

Marine Engine Monitoring

Screens are custom designed to meet each application, taking data from on engine mounted sensors or via the Viking35. As alarms are triggered they are recorded & highlighted on a list at the base of each screen pending acknowledgement.

Engine Parameters

Marine Engine Monitoring

All key engine parameters are monitored and shown with their respective alarm levels. Analogue /bar charts can both be used.

Gearbox Monitoring

Marine Engine Monitoring

Gearbox status and key parameters are monitored/alarmed in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendation. As alarms are triggered they are recorded & highlighted on a list at the base of each screen pending acknowledgement.

Oil Splash

Marine Engine Monitoring

Independent monitoring/alarming of engine oil splash temperatures may be included as an engine protection where the hardware is installed inside the crankcase.

  • SeaMACS Integrated Automation System
  • FuelMACS Fuel Performance System

SeaMACS Integrated Automation System

Screen based monitoring systems are popular in many marine applications. RE can custom design screens and/or integrate SeaMACS monitoring displays from their sister company HEINZMANN Automation.

SeaMACS Monitoring

  • Scalable system for monitoring of vessel machinery and associated equipment.
  • Interfaces for trends, reports, alarms and processes, optionally extendable by video surveillance and more.
  • Customizable, flexible architecture for scalability and redundant system for outmost reliability.

Visit HEINZMANN Automation website for detailed system description

FuelMACS Fuel Performance System


  • Designed as an onboard tool to save fuel and also as a management tool
  • Several ships can be monitored and compared at the same time from a management office on shore
  • Data can be collected live or at regular intervals depending on customer requirement
  • Existing hardware can be used in order to keep implementation costs down
  • The system can also be set up with a service link to our service department
  • TRINO Condition Based Monitoring System
  • TrinoDETECT
  • TrinoALERT
  • TrinoREMOTE

TRINO Condition Based Monitoring System

Trino presents two-stage alarm information in a simple and clear format to local operators. This enables appropriate preventative action to be taken to avoid the often and very substantial consequential costs of an in-service unexpected machinery failure. Applications are gearboxes, alternators, turbochargers, discharge pumps and fans - marine and land based.

Trino Vibration Monitoring System illustration
  • Continuous and permanent vibration-based condition monitoring
  • Simple on-board system initiating two-stage alarms for multiple failure conditions
  • Automatically adapts to varying machinery speed
  • Automatic ship to shore transmission of alarm & performance data
  • Optional analysis & reporting service
  • Assists with critical asset management and CBM program integration
  • Industry 4.0 ready
  • Low maintenance
  • Maximises availability of assets
  • Optimises maintenance intervals
  • Helps to reduce overall costs


TR TRINO Condition Monitoring

The advanced design of the TrinoDETECT unit allows continuous collection and monitoring of vibration frequency data from a number of machinery sensors. Using frequency analysis, the signature contained within the sensor data is assessed to diagnose common machinery faults. Alarm frequencies & amplitude levels automatically track & adapt themselves to the operating speed of the machinery, helping to ensure that Trino reliably senses any deviation from normal. Tracking is particularly useful for the successful monitoring of turbochargers.



TrinoALERT is typically mounted in a machinery control room & provides a centralised presentation of pre- and main alarms from one or more TrinoDetect units. Each alarm entry clearly indicates the machine & sensor reference, date/time log & a short diagnosis as to the most likely cause of the fault.



Regular transmission of detailed alarm & performance data via internet connection/ship to shore communications is available for vibration specialists to advise on an appropriate course of action. Alternatively, monthly health status reports can be provided under contract by RE Ltd. using its TrinoREMOTE specialist service.