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REGULATEURS EUROPA is continously extending their hydraulic governor range. Latest development is a microprocessor controlled hydraulic governor, which combines the well proven RE hydraulic governors with a special developed HEINZMANN digital control.
  • DG 2800.14

DG 2800.14

The DG 2800.14 governor is a microprocessor controlled hydraulic governor and consists of the well-proven RE 2800 series actuator and the HEINZMANN digital DC 14 governor. The digital governor controls the proportional solenoid of the actuator by means of a current signal. The DG 2800.14 includes an integrated speed pick-up, however if required an external pick-up can be connected. The DC 14 digital governor provides state-of-the-art speed control (steady state speed wander < 0.1 % at nominal speed), start fuel limit and functionality typical for generator application, including isochronous load sharing (optional). Marine certification: DNV GL, ABS

Technical data

  • Output range Nm: 20.3 | 41.7
  • Output range ft lbf: 15 | 30

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