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Thinking in control & monitoring

With almost seventy years of experience in prime mover control technology, REGULATEURS EUROPA are specialists in providing complex control solutions for medium and low voltage generator and electrical distribution systems. REGULATEURS EUROPA has successfully supplied systems to hospitals, airports, clean & waste water treatment works, nuclear power stations and offshore installations around the world with attention to detail through all stages of engineering, manufacturing, testing, installation and commissioning.

Power Management Systems

REGULATEURS EUROPA systems are based around the latest PLC and SCADA technology to provide customised solutions that are reliable and retain the flexibility for future expansion and meet the customer’s requirements for every aspect of the application.

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SCADA Systems

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Engine & Generator Controls

Generator Panel

REGULATEURS EUROPA has almost seventy years’ experience of providing engine and generator control solutions ranging from single diesel engine governors through to complete control systems for multi-generator installations.

REGULATEURS EUROPA specialises in the design, engineering, manufacturing, installation and commissioning services to meet the customer specific requirements including consultancy and surveying services to assist in achieving a working solution.

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Experienced partner

RE works closely with the customer to develop control solutions that are tailored to meet every aspect of the application requirements
to provide reliable electrical power, that is why our customers choose RE Power Management Systems.


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