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HEINZMANN acquires Austrian company IFT GmbH

March 2022

HEINZMANN Holding is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Austrian company IFT GmbH with effect from the January 1, 2022. From this date forth, IFT has become a part of the HEINZMANN Group.

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Senior manager of HEINZMANN celebrates 90th birthday

July 2021

Anton Gromer: Senior manager of HEINZMANN celebrates 90th birthday.

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Solar Panel Installation at RE Roden

February 2021

HEINZMANN Group Member REGULATEURS EUROPA (RE) has just installed 228 solar panels on their factory roof in Roden, the Netherlands.  This installation will be producing more than 90.000 kWh/year.  As RE’s own electricity usage is about  95.000 kWh/year,  the solar plant thus supplies almost the entire  electricity consumption of the company.

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Hydraulic Meets Digital

March 2021

Regulateurs Europa B.V. (RE) has launched a new electro-hydraulic engine governor suitable for diesel or dual-fuel engines and steam turbines: the DG 2800.14, which brings together the proven 2800 hydraulic governor series by RE and the digital DC 14 governor by parent company HEINZMANN.

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Viking35 Upgrade for Ruston Engines

February 2021

Regulateurs Europa Ltd. in Colchester UK have delivered 9 upgraded traction control panels fitted with Viking35 digital controllers. These are direct replacements for the previous Viking25 units installed on Ruston RK215 diesel-electric power units.

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Strategic investment in Bright Sensors SA

July 2020

The HEINZMANN Group announces a strategic investment in the Swiss based gas sensor and analyzer manufacturer Bright Sensors SA.

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HEINZMANN acquires UK company Giro Engineering Ltd.

January 2020

HEINZMANN is pleased to announce the acquisition of the UK company Giro Engineering Ltd. with effect from the January 6th, 2020. From this date forth, Giro Engineering Ltd. has become a part of the HEINZMANN Group. 

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Emissions down, efficiency up

April 2019

As a specialist in engine and turbine management solutions, HEINZMANN offers common-rail (CR) retrofit conversions for a wide range of diesel engines whilst also providing all of the monitoring and safety features required for efficient marine applications.

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