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RE Viking35 Traction Control Panel

Viking35 on High-Speed Trains

Three high-speed passenger train power units which travel along the west coast of Australia have been successfully upgraded to the latest Viking35 from REGULATEURS EUROPA (RE). The power cars had originally been fitted with the reliable and long serving Viking22 traction control panels.

The upgraded control panel communicates seamlessly with the power car load control system as well as the originally supplied ENGMON engine monitoring system which automatically records and communicates any engine related alarms back to the train operator’s engineers.


RE Viking 35 Digital Speed Governor

Ruston Engines RK215

Systems and components

Viking35 Control Panel

RE2221 traction actuator

Viking35 Upgrade for Ruston Engines

Regulateurs Europa Ltd. in Colchester UK have delivered 9 upgraded traction control panels fitted with Viking35 digital controllers. These are direct replacements for the previous Viking25 units installed on Ruston RK215 diesel-electric power units.

The panel controls engine speed and load via the existing RE2221 traction actuator and the generator excitation control. Engine protection is provided is provided via advanced slowdown and shutdown functionality based on key performance criteria. This maximises the availability of engine power, even when operating in extreme conditions.