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March 2021

Regulateurs Europa B.V. (RE) has launched a new electro-hydraulic engine governor suitable for diesel or dual-fuel engines and steam turbines: the DG 2800.14, which brings together the proven 2800 hydraulic governor series by RE and the digital DC 14 governor by parent company HEINZMANN.

RE explained that the digital governor controls the proportional solenoid of the actuator by means of a current signal. The governor includes an integrated speed pick-up, although an external pick up can be also connected if required.

According to Regulateurs Europa’s Sales and Technical Manager, Rob van der Wilt, the DG 2800.14 governor is ideal for ship’s generator application, where the DC 14 digital governor’s speed control is particularly appreciated. The speed control can manage steady state speed wander with less than 0.1% at nominal speed; start fuel limit and functionality for generator-set applications; and an optional isochronous load sharing capability (up to 4 engines). Also the governor can be used for propulsion applications. 4-20 mA speed setting and boost pressure fuel limitation. The software allows to set the gear ratio between crankshaft and governor drive, so that all speed-related settings in the software refer to engine rotations per minute.

The DG 2800.14 has been installed on several engines for both generator and propulsion applications. The governor can be used also in power generation applications with its load sharing capability based on kilowatt. In fact, van der Wilt reported that the governor has been installed on a power station in the Fær Øer islands where it runs in base load mode.

The new DG 2800.14 is available in two versions: one for small-bore and one for large-bore engines. Both have a very compact envelope with self-contained oil supply and are fully interchangeable with governors in the UG range. The DC 14 digital governor is set up with the DcDesk interface program. While the device can have up to 150 selected parameters, 20 of those can be edited directly on the unit’s display with its key pad that is password protected. There is therefore no need to connect an external laptop for the set up.

DG 2800.14 installed on ABC6DZ engineDG 2800.14 installed on ABC6DZ engine
DG 2800.14 installed on ABC12DZ engineDG 2800.14 installed on ABC12DZ engine
DG 2800.14 mounted on HiMsenH231-32C engine

DG 2800.14 mounted on HiMsenH231-32C engine

DG 2800.14 on CAT3508 engineDG 2800.14 on CAT3508 engine

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