Marine Control & Monitoring Systems

For more than 60 years the sophisticated propulsion control and ship monitoring systems of REGULATEURS EUROPA have been supplied to merchant, commercial and military marine applications around the world. Building upon a wealth of expertise, RE work hand in hand with customers from initial consultation to project planning and execution, resulting in perfectly

System Design

RE Propulsion-Control-Panel

RE is able to supply integrated propulsion control systems for vessels with fixed/ controllable pitch propellers and/or water jets, multiple engines into single gearboxes, and diesel power generators.
By integrating digital speed governing with engine, generator management and propulsion control, customers are provided with a cost-effective system whose modular form assures easy installation. The systems may incorporate machinery control room consoles, bridge control plates, propulsion logic panels turbocharger condition monitoring and will fully integrate with SeaMACS Marine Automation Systems.


The Viking35 ECU, along with its Viking Vision user interface, provides the core platform for combined engine management. With its large and expandable range of conventional I/Os and communication ports, Viking35 is more than just a governor; it can be programmed to do all engine management functions and control associated plant, in one integrated and cost effective package. The Viking35 ECU is complemented by a range of hydraulic actuators, specifically the 2231 servo actuator, which provides a ballhead mode for manual speed setting in the event of power supply failure.

Tailored Solutions

With its longstanding experience in governing and controlling prime movers and its excellent design and production capabilities, REGULATEURS EUROPA fulfils the needs of shipbuilders, equipment manufacturers and fleet operators through customised propulsion control and monitoring solutions.