Generator Controls

standby generators

REGULATEURS EUROPA can provide controls for marine generators ranging from those used for diesel/electric propulsion, as main auxiliaries or just standby units.
RE is particularly well known for providing load sharing systems and for complex combined generator/propulsion solutions as required by large suction dredgers.

At the heart of many generator control panels is the Viking35 ECU which combines the engine management functions together with multi engine electrical and/or mechanical load sharing, via load measure transducers.

The typical panel shown includes all of the necessary I/O to interface with the engine, generator and ships systems. The Windows based PC software provides an easy interface with the generator control panel; allowing performance to be monitored and parameters changed by authorised personnel.

Specialised applications such as front line military vessels require hardware designed to withstand the adverse environment. Regulateurs Europa is experienced in the design and manufacture of integrated control and monitoring panels designed to perform in ships where vibration and shock etc are a major factor.