Traction Control Systems


REGULATEURS EUROPA has been producing traction governors and controls for over 50 years. These are operational in many types and manufacture of locomotive worldwide; including Australia, China, Iran, Kenya, Malaysia, Nigeria, Syria, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and the United Kingdom.

REGULATEURS EUROPA offers a range of both mechanical hydraulic governors and microprocessor based governing systems to suit locomotive applications.

REGULATEURS EUROPA have had particular success in supplying Viking Governing Systems to replace mechanical-hydraulic governors of any manufacture. The reduction in maintenance has been proven to finance the procurement of the new equipment. traction power supplyThe electronic controls have also meant that speed and load control settings have proven to be more repeatable than its mechanical-hydraulic predecessors. Mechanical-hydraulic governors by their nature suffer from heating effects and internal wear.

Viking Traction governors can be tailored to interface with any locomotive speed setting and load control arrangement.

The latest REGULATEURS EUROPAtrain traction equipment introduced into production provides the platform for a complete solution to traction diesel engine control, protection and monitoring with interface to microprocessor based locomotive controllers. The system is configurable to suit the engine type, locomotive type and application requirements.

REGULATEURS EUROPA has extended their scope of supply to include sophisticated remote monitoring systems and cab controls.